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Cleanse your data

Quickly refresh and append new data to your companies database. Populate missing fields and fill in the gaps so that your team can work more efficiently.

Get more from your data

Add value to your database by using the Sales Plus Data appending service. We can append key information bridging the vital link between you and the customer.

Free Data Audit Report

Our free data audit will identify data cleansing errors and problem areas within your database. This will help you focus on data improvements where they are needed and provide you with an exact cost for data cleansing.

Data Appending Solutions

Data Appending is the process of adding missing information to your customer data base. Based on which particular data is appended, we can categorize those services as follows:

Email Appending

Do you have missing or invalid emails in your database? If you do not update these emails, they might cost you hundreds of customers. Through our email appending services you can eliminate all invalid or non-working email ids from your database. With accurate email addresses you can conduct cost effective email campaigns and reach the right people with the apt and customized message. We have an elaborate email appending process, which is a combination of automated and manual steps, so that you can be assured of best results.

Data Appending

Data appending is a process of adding all the necessary contact details like mailing address, phone and faxnumber, email address, etc., to your customer database.

Reverse Email Appending

Reverse email append is a process of adding contact name, mailing address, telephone and fax number, company name, and SIC codes, etc., to your customer database containing only email addresses.

Phone Appending

Phone append is a process of adding phone number to your customer database. Phone numbers of your potential customer will be an additional and effective mode of communication along with others like email.


Mailing address append is a process of adding correct, relevant, postal addresses including correct contact name, street name, door number, city name and area code, to your customer database.

Contacts DM Append

Contacts DM append is a process of adding decision maker contacts to your customer database where there is only basic information such as address and postcode. For example, we can add departmental contacts across all job functions like, IT, Sales, Owner, Purchasing, Financial, Marketing, Sales and more.

SIC Codes Appending

SIC code append is a process of adding SIC codes to your customer database containing other details such as mailing address, phone and fax number, email addresses, etc. Appending SIC code to the database will give you better opportunity to exactly segment your database.

Data De-Duplication

The process of removing any duplicate contacts between one or more databases and creating a single master file

The following data fields are applicable:

  • Contact Name
  • Employee size
  • Annual Turnover
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • SIC Code
  • Mailing address
  • Industry Sector
  • Social Media links
    • Job Title
    • Legal status
    • Type of site
    • Post Code
    • Site Count
    • Head Office
    • Software usage CRM / ERP
    • Hardware usage