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Searching for your prospects' contact details and other Business Data?
Sales Plus' Business Data is what you are missing.

Owning a Business Database from Sales Plus is the most viable Business Development approach that your company can incorporate. Sales Plus is the power house of Business Data across the UK and Ireland. With 1.6 million company records across 24 business sectors and around 8 Decision maker contacts per company, you will never need another Business development solution.

Sales Plus' cost effective "pay as you go" billing system enables you to receive updated Business Data contacts on demand. Sales Plus' Business Data ensures:

  • Fast and efficient data retrieval
  • Segmented Data
  • Opt-in Records
  • Industry-based segments
  • Regular cleansing and maintenance
  • Consistent data with regular addition and upgrade

Updated Business Database

Sales Plus, can boost your profitability, by supplying business data that will be consistent with your customer target market. Our B2B Database consists of accurate and reliable records that include Direct Mail, Telephone, Email and Fax and other channels of contact. We serve the UK, Rest of Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia regions.

Free Data Count Proposal

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